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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Presidential Candidate Profile: Sean Adrian McElwee

FULL NAME: Sean Adrian McElwee

AGE: 16


REG10N POLITICAL HISTORY: Voted for the Cooper/Hathaway campaign in 2008.

BIO: Sean Adrian McElwee, known affectionately throughout his social circles as "The Shizzle Feroshia", is delving into the Reg10n political arena for the first time. McElwee has competed in many different categories throughout his 3 years in the NCFCA, including Team Policy Debate, where he and partner Evan Bolton posted the third best pre-regionals record in all of Reg10n in 2008. McElwee espouses three transformative ideas that he would bring to the Reg10n community as President. McElwee states,

"...This includes my belief that the official religion of the United States should be Scientology with Tom Cruise as the pope."

Why can't we be friends? Diplomacy and generally being nice can go a long way. Therefore, we will all wear pink, so we don't take ourselves to seriously, and McDonalds will provide free milkshakes, stimulating the economy, and keeping us cool.

Cut them like a nerd on the baseball team. Drop them like fat people on the "Biggest Loser" drop pounds. It's your money, use it when you need it. No more theft. Keep the money you worked for. The average American doesn't gain freedom from taxes until April 23. They should work for themselves, so they can buy a cheap sweatshop pair of pants, not bail out parasites on Wall Street.

"When you vote this year, remember you are not really voting for anything- Chuck Norris already controls everything. You are just voting for the person who gets that recognition. Who better than me?" ~ Sean A. McElwee

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